Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New History of Thalidomide Revealed

Okay, the hottest information about thalidomide for the past few days has been about the new historical discovery that thalidomide was developed by the Nazis, not by a drug company by accident. There are also claims that the drug was tested on prisoners in concentration camps contradictory to previous information that it was never tested on humans but rather on mice. The story is making its way across the Internet like wildfire. This is good as it will educate more people about thalidomide who previously weren’t aware of its devastating potential. I have to admit, after seeing the first dozen stories my reaction was “WHO CARES!” Who cares WHO made the stuff? What really matters is not WHO MADE it but WHO TOOK it and WHO was INJURED for life by it and in what fashion. What really matters is that it is back in use again today and the number of people taking it for one of several ailments it is intended to treat is growing. My original intent was to increase thalidomide awareness in the present and future in hope that this drug will not get out of control and create a new generation of thalidomide babies.

Then I thought about all the history enthusiasts that want to know the origin of anything that caused a major historical event and was going to share the story with all of you! But something else is nagging at me now. Folks, I do think we need to pay more attention to this piece of historical information as it unfolds. There is something strangely out of place about it and I hope that it will not lead into a connection of any future events. This is not about thalidomide but of chemical and bio-warfare if the new discoveries and claims are historically correct. If I am not mistaken there are some other drugs and food additives that lay their claim to fame to similar origins.

I went to bed last night with happy thoughts in my mind as I drifted off to sleep. Moments before waking this morning I captured a brief image of the word
“T H A L I D O M I D E” as the big letters flashed in my face. I woke feeling very unsettled and perplexed. Why this odd one-second dream? I now think it was a subconscious message to post the reference to this article because it’s time to not only ask WHO, but also HOW it was pushed through the system and made available to the general public, and WHY! Why then and why now? Something to think about as waste pharmaceuticals are now being detected in our waterways.

Take your pick. The first is more detailed. The second is shorter and includes a picture of an adorable young boy with no arms or legs.

Thalidomide 'was created by the Nazis' at “TimesOnline”

"Nazis developed Thalidomide and tested it on concentration camp prisoners, author claims" at “MailOnline”

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