Saturday, February 7, 2009

Thalidomide Baby Spotlight – Louise Medus

Louise Medus was born with no arms or legs and malformed hands and feet. She grew up in an institution but as an adult, went on to marry and have two “normal” children who are now 20 and 16 years old. At 46, Louise is divorced but remarried to the love of her life – Darren Mansell, 47, and also a thalidomide survivor.

“Mail Online” describes Louise’s life and love story.
“A Truly Special Love Story: Two Married Thalidomide Survivors Living Happily 50 Years After Drug's Launch’

Meanwhile, Louise has written a book with the help of writer Gill Swain.
“No Hand To Hold and No Legs To Dance On” was published in January 2009 and is the true life story of Louise Medus. provides a news release of the book and some of life’s reflections by Louise.

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