Monday, February 9, 2009

Victims Of The Drug Scandal Are Turning 50 But Are Being Denied Government Aid As Their Health Worsens

Most Thalidomide Babies are now in their fifties and dealing with the everyday challenges of their disabilities as well as growing old. “TimesOnline” shares a piece from “The Sunday Times” that describes the dilemma experienced by thalidomide survivors – the extra wear and tear on their bodies, the high costs of vehicle and home modification, and health care and assisted living costs. UK thalidomide survivors have been getting by with modest assistance from settlements from the drug company, which is disbursed by the Thalidomide Trust. Some have managed jobs through the years. To date, additional assistance from the government (who allowed the drug’s availability without proper testing in the 50’s) has been refused.

State Shuns Children Of Thalidomide

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